David Reinvent Your Space Blog open floor plans
David Reinvent Your Space Blog open floor plans

​​Open floor plans allow for more visibility and cohesiveness, and even though there are no actual barriers between rooms, they need to flow together and maintain the distinction of their purpose. Figuring out how to stage and design your open-floor plan is key to making it feel inviting and purposeful. There’s a reason the floor plan is so popular, and the designers at Dixon Smith Interiors want to help you get the most practical use out of your space.

“What many people fail to realize is that there are essentially still hallways in an open space; they just aren’t structural,” says Dixon Smith Designer David Coco. Because of this, an empty, open space can seem larger than it will when furniture is floating to allow for passage.

“You still have to walk around furniture and through different areas of the space to get around, creating the illusion of pathways and walls without it actually being there,” says Coco. It’s helpful to play around with the space and position furniture into different layouts on paper so you can find the best one that fits you and your lifestyle.

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