brooke hoogendoorn

While most of the world is usually asleep, Brooke Hoogendoorn can be found crafting new creations in the peaceful silence found before sunrise. Specializing in abstract and figure painting, the Lafayette local’s restless artistic expression shines through each piece. Finding freedom and beauty in imperfections, her art is a unique mix of colorful designs. 

For her abstract pieces, Brooke often utilizes a dripping technique. By allowing streams of color to fill negative spaces, she elongates her work while also incorporating a natural flow that eliminates any sense of rigidness or restraint. 

When it comes to painting figures, Brooke’s artistic creativity celebrates the individuality of people with a harmonious use of colliding colors and intricate details.

Partnering with Dixon Smith Interiors, Brooke enjoys seeing her paintings combine seamlessly with the room designs to create a full and unique design experience. Visit our showroom to see some of Brooke’s original art or take a virtual tour by clicking here. Learn more about Brooke at